At Children's Garden we are dedicated to nurturing and educating young children in a challenging, stimulating environment. Developmentally appropriate programs and a staff of dedicated teachers ensure a positive learning experience for your child.


The environment created at Children’s Garden centers on education, nurturing, and respect. We offer multi-sensory activities that focus on the whole child, while challenging each child appropriately depending on developmental readiness. We believe that success in school comes from a positive early learning environment where activities are based upon child inquiry and stimulating environments. At Children’s Garden children are encouraged to explore, create, and build a vital foundation for learning.

Our small class sizes also allow us to maintain a safe environment where children are genuinely nurtured and their early academic needs are met through experience. We believe in each individual child and in meeting their unique needs. We value families and strive each day to create environments where families are supported and we work to maintain relationships built upon communication and collaboration.

In addition, our caring experienced staff nurtures children in an environment where trust, collaboration and positive social skills are taught. Many of our children grow with us from infancy through preschool. We send children off to kindergarten each year that have a positive attitude towards learning and a strong self esteem. Our children are taught to be high level thinkers and through the environment of early learning and play at our center, they are able to focus their attention for long periods of time and they know how to express themselves in a variety of situations.

Thank you for considering Children’s Garden for the care and education of your child. We look forward to sharing our warm environment and making you a part of our family.


Our teachers are committed to supporting each child’s growth and development, responding to their needs, and creating a loving environment rich in learning opportunities.  Each teacher engages in intentional teaching; planning and implementing the curriculum based on their education, experience and interactions with the children in their care.  Each teacher brings a warm welcoming heart, and a solid understanding of child development.  The teachers and staff create an environment that offers safety, comfort, respect, understanding, clear limits, positive discipline, and engaging learning activities.

Our experienced and dedicated staff come together to form a community of diverse and knowledgeable team members. We value all life experiences, whether it’s a degreed background in Early Childhood Education or a successful history of working with young children. We seek out dynamic and energetic people to join our growing garden. We train our teachers and assistants according to Colorado state requirements and require a minimum of 15 hours of continuing education per year. It is important to us that our teachers have the most up-to-date information and methods and we strive to provide them with an opportunity to learn and grow.


At Children’s Garden Learning Center, we believe that play is a child’s work! We honor that work each day by providing children with opportunities for learning through hands on discovery based activities.  We believe that each child has the capacity to achieve unlimited social and academic success when their natural interests and abilities are cultivated by nurturing and skilled teachers. Our daily mission is to utilize the best of who we are to support each child’s learning and growing experience.


Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment that engages each child’s individual interest and build the skills that will create a lifelong love of learning. All our programs are based on our belief that:

The focus of attention is on the whole child. The child’s social/emotional, cognitive and physical development are equally important.

Each child develops at their own pace through developmental stages. Young children learn by doing; through experimentation and discovery, using all of their senses.

The development and preservation of each child’s self-esteem affects their entire life.

Each child is valued through nurturing, support and recognition with respect of individual differences.

Modeling and encouraging positive social skills at an early age will contribute to a child’s future school success.

A child’s learning process and positive self image is enhanced by a creative environment that is intentionally designed for the child to experience interest, challenge and success.

Being free from stereo-typing will encourage the child to accept their own uniqueness and accept the differences in others.

The family is the strongest influence in the child’s growth and development. We value and support families as they create ways of living, growing and nurturing each other.