At Children's Garden we are dedicated to nurturing and educating young children in a challenging, stimulating environment. Developmentally appropriate programs and a staff of dedicated teachers ensure a positive learning experience for your child.


Our Infant Program is designed to be a “nest” for young children — a completely safe space in which they may freely explore their environment. Our classrooms are rich in toys and materials that encourage exploration using all of their senses. The children interact with one another and develop their natural sense of independence and curiosity with the support of a nurturing consistent caregiver trained in child development. With special attention paid to each child’s individual development/growth? we are able to encourage and support their “advancement” to the next skill level. Whether that be holding their head up in interest or cheering them on when they’re taking their first steps.

We have two infant classrooms, our Infant I classroom is for non-mobile infants and Infant II classroom for mobile infants mastering crawling and cruising. The separate classrooms maximize the infants’ safety while providing open areas for movement.

By providing small classroom sizes teachers are enabled to follow each child’s individual feeding and sleeping cycle and provide routine care and nurturing supervision according to each child’s needs.