At Children's Garden we are dedicated to nurturing and educating young children in a challenging, stimulating environment. Developmentally appropriate programs and a staff of dedicated teachers ensure a positive learning experience for your child.


The preschoolers are building self-esteem while learning to control their body movement (large and fine muscle control) within their own space. They are also acquiring the ability to control their emotions within a group setting.

We believe that by grouping the children by age at various times during the day, children are given the opportunity to explore activities that are specifically designed to interest their particular age group. Breaking into smaller groups also provides an opportunity for children to interact with teachers on a more personal basis. Teachers then have the opportunity to recognize each child’s strengths as well as the areas that need additional skill building.

All of the children participating in the program will experience activities with teachers who are skilled in presenting ideas and encouraging the children to explore new concepts. All of the teachers at Marina Children have an extensive background in the fields of Early Childhood Development and Education combined with many years of experience.

Our goal is to prepare children to make a smooth transition into Kindergarten at the end of their preschool experience. By preparing children socially and emotionally as well as cognitively, we believe that Children’s Garden graduates are given the foundation necessary to succeed in elementary education and throughout life.